Forensic Accountant and Fraud Investigator


Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, CFF founded Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting to pursue her entrepreneurial interests and develop a forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm like no other.  With a professional background that includes stints in the criminal justice system and at auditing firm Arthur Andersen, she has found her passion in investigating fraud.

Litigation Support, Forensic Accounting, and Damage Analysis

Sequence Inc. provides forensic accounting services in civil and criminal matters, to assist attorneys and their clients in quantifying economic losses in damage suits. As a fraud examiner, Tracy Coenen has experience in hundreds of cases, and has acted as an expert witness in both State and Federal courts.

Services are provided in cases involving accountants’ professional liability, bankruptcy and reorganization, complex litigation, contract disputes, criminal defense, financial statement examination, non-complete clauses, shareholder disputes, and civil and criminal tax matters.

Fraud Detection, Examination, and Investigation Services

Tracy Coenen assists with the financial analysis of situations in which fraud is suspected. These can include a variety cases involving fraud, theft, dishonesty, and complex transaction flows. Records are reconstructed, losses are analyzed and financial reporting irregularities are examined. Tracy’s fraud detection and investigation services are not the type of services offered by a “traditional” accounting or auditing firm. Her work includes a critical element: an intuitive ability to investigate fraud.

Services are provided in cases involving commercial insurance fraud, corporate fraud, criminal tax fraud, disability insurance fraud, divorce, embezzlement, financial statement fraud, misappropriation of fiduciary duty, and spousal dishonesty.